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Meet Brazil’s biggest Youtube Stars: Tati Sacramento

To celebrate Black women in Tech, we have an ongoing interview series with Brazilian Black Youtubers. Our first is Tati Sccramento from Bahia!

What do you love about being a Brazilian Black woman?

I live in Bahia known as Black Rome. In every corner you see can see the influence of  African culture.  It is very strong despite the refusal of some to accept it, but being able to feel close to my African heritage it’s a wonderful feeling. I love knowing I am not alone, that the past and present surround me speaking to me for a better future.

What is black feminism for you?

To me, it’s understanding  that our struggles are different. Not because we want to, but because of history . Unfortunately that separates us from the struggles of white feminism, because although white feminism still has lots to fight for, they have advanced far more than black feminism in society.  Our struggle for equality is two-fold: because we are black and women. It is a fact that women earn less than men but black women earn way less. We suffer more  from domestic violence and lack more opportunities. One day we can fight together, but for now this is not possible. We are in different struggles.

Why did you start doing Youtube videos?

I started for several reasons. One was to further accept  myself  as  an empowered woman, that is confident and able to share life experiences, able to transform me and help transform other lives. I was always embarrassed to take center stage.I always thought that my role would always be behind the scenes. I think it has a bit of the “complexo de senzala” ( slave quarters complex)

Honestly this was the initial motivation. But once I started doing videos,  I understood  how much black girls also need representation. To see someone that looks like them  talking about issues relevant to them is powerful. That’s when I started to focus on bringing self-esteem messages and now I have been able to reach many independent women of all walks.

What are your tips for black women who want to get on youtube channel?

Ask yourself “why” you want to start a Youtube channel. The most important thing is that is a donation of work and generosity. An exercise in patience, resilience and persistence. Also be aware that many people can be inspired by you, so be careful with the information  you are sharing and have humility when making mistakes. And do it for pleasure that’s the most important thing. Take care of the relationships you create within this environment [Youtube].

What are the two most important issues that concern  Black Women in Brazil in your opinion?

In general women in Brazil still suffer a lot from domestic violence.  However black women experience higher rates of domestic violence. It is important to bring a total sense of empowerment to women  to combat violence. Another issue relates to self-acceptance. Black women do not see themselves as beautiful woman, strong and powerful.  These are issues related to self-esteem that for years have been neglected. Black women in Brazil have grown without representation, they do not see themselves anywhere and it can make them feel less valuable and  important  thus accepting a lower status than the others.

What would you like to say from Brazil to Europe, to other black women?

That it is a wonderful country which has an extreme cultural diversity and above all is done by humans. We still have a lot to gain as Brazilian Black women  especially when it comes to rights and respect for our differences. Luckily we have Black women that over the years have persisted  to champion change. We still have little visibility here, so through the Internet we’ve found a way to make ourselves visible. But we need more. We need support, and these digital spaces can be very exclusive and selective as they still adhere to certain biased views. But over here there are plenty of brave Brazilian Black woman who are so hardworking and wonderful. And to you, Black women outside of Brazil regardless of the distances you find yourself, you are always welcome. Peace and light!

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