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Editor’s Note

Our editor, Yossie, shares her thoughts on this month’s theme: BLACK WOMEN IN STEM + SCI-FI. I cannot claim to be a woman ‘in tech‘, or, widely, the fields of STEM – I merely sit back and marvel at the work that various women, especially women of colour, are doing in these traditionally male-dominated industries. They are doing amazing work and challenging conventions one innovative initiative/project at a time. From ‘Lola Odelola, founder

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Black Woman Spotlight: ‘Lola Odelola

An Ain’t I A Woman Collective series to highlight the stories of different black women around the world. This week, our spotlight is on Damilola Odelola, a poet and programmer who “learnt to write when she was 3-years old” and hasn’t stopped since. Damilola fell in love with coding by accident and has been on a quest to learn and teach as much as possible. She is the founder of

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