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Black Woman Spotlight: ‘Lola Odelola

An Ain’t I A Woman Collective series to highlight the stories of different black women around the world. This week, our spotlight is on Damilola Odelola, a poet and programmer who “learnt to write when she was 3-years old” and hasn’t stopped since. Damilola fell in love with coding by accident and has been on a quest to learn and teach as much as possible. She is the founder of

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Digital Afrogami

Presenting a version of myself in packets to be seen online I flat pack into invisibility offline for your ease About the writer: Layla-Roxanne is a Nigerian-born, Scottish-raised mixed race woman who currently resides in Glasgow. She has experienced most of her life being the only ‘not quite one colour or another’ person in an overwhelmingly white place. Recent discovery of the internet’s capacity beyond gifs and angry people has

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Written by Alegria I see the faces of our children on strangers on the bus your laugh courses through my blood like it is repairing any pain I have ever felt. I find myself crying at every little thing not because I am sad but you unlocked something in me that makes the intensity flow like a hurried and deliberate stream.   You smell like home.   I hear the

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What We Got Wrong About Love: A Consciousness

Written by Ashley Hobbs We’re scarred and jaded. Just as frightened of Love as we crave it. We’ve got no real models for longevity so we test each other out and at the first sign of trouble, we throw each other away. Often.

We don’t know Love like we should but we’ll be damned if we don’t keep trying within our own limited notions of what it actually is. Love is

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Written by Victoria Inyang-Talbot Today moved ahead, Leaving a debris of memories for you to find. Will you put them away in the drawer of last year’s discontent? Or will you file them with the missing buttons from last month’s rain? *** I would’ve loved to pick the lock On the other day’s masquerade, And leave a message where the offending number was.  *** Then you’d know I’d been And it’ll

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